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Call for Ancient World Bloggers and Blog Readers

7th February 2020


RE: Participation in survey for a forthcoming book chapter on ancient world blogs

Book chapter overview

I am currently working on a chapter for a forthcoming book publication that explores how the ancient world is represented through new media, such as blogs, digital magazines, and digital videos. The purpose of my chapter is to explore the benefits and drawbacks of blogging and blogs- both for authors and audiences- as a way to make the ancient world more accessible in the modern, digital age.

How can you help?

In order to put together this chapter, I need to conduct two surveys:

  • A survey of ancient world bloggers
  • A survey of ancient world blog audiences

Are you able to help me by completing one/both of these surveys?

Why should you participate?

In return for completing the survey, I am going to share the findings of the survey with all the participants (although personal data will not be shared). I am certain that bloggers will find this information extremely useful in helping them to develop their own blogs. Furthermore, if you have any questions that you are keen to ask, then please do not hesitate to send these across to me and I can look at incorporating them into the survey(s).

Next steps

A list of participants and survey questions will be compiled in February, and surveys will start going out in early March. Can you please let me know:

  • if you are interested in participating in one/both of these surveys;
  • your contact information where the survey link address can be sent;
  • any questions that you are keen to ask (I will do my best to incorporate as many of these as I can into the survey).

    You can contact me through this site, or e-mail me on: tg003678@pgr.reading.ac.uk

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

    Maria Lloyd
    Doctoral Researcher
    Classics Department
    University of Reading