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Maria Lloyd standing in front of window, wearing a brown dress with white collar and sleeves


Hello! My name is Maria, and I am based in Reading, UK. I am a Marketer, and a researcher who specialises in the reign of Septimius Severus and his home town of Lepcis Magna. 

Why Septimius Severus? He was a fascinating individual, born and raised at Lepcis Magna in modern day Libya. He is frequently referred to as the ‘African emperor’, but my interest in him goes beyond his African origins. Instead, I am fascinated by his resilience, ambition, family dynamics, and his ability to rise to a position far above his original station and become Roman emperor. I am particularly interested in how these characteristics influenced the messages that were transmitted under Severus:

  • What messages were transmitted
  • How these messages were transmitted
  • Why they were transmitted
  • How these messages were interpreted by ancient viewers

It is my aim to make Severus and his home town, Lepcis Magna, accessible to the modern world in three ways:

  1. Increase awareness of Septimius Severus and Lepcis Magna through social media posts, blogs, and other media.
  2. Show how events under Severus are still relevant to the modern world
  3. Show how analysis of the Roman world can help teach transferable skills